About the company

Combinatie Civiele Technieken BV

Welcome at the internetsite of Combinatie Civiele Technieken BV (CCT). CCT is a business to business service provider for concrete renovations, concrete repairs and injection techniques.



Our specialization is within the following working areas:


• Concrete Repairs

• Applying Moisture Barrier

• Constructive Injections

• Concrete spraying

• Ground Injection

• Applying Coatings

• Sealants

• Specialized Concrete projects


In addition to these specialties, you can hire our expertise in the field of:


• Renovation mutations

• Project Management

• Advice


Combinatie Civiele Technieken BV

Zwarte Zee 26 | 3144 DE | Maassluis | Nederland

Phone +31 (0)10 7616339

Email info@combiciviel.com


Combinatiecivieletechnieken BV registered at the

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam with number 60149361.